To think and to do

PROMPT 10: What are you committed to thinking about in the coming weeks? Make a list. Forget the ‘to-do’s’, today we’re going to focus on the ‘to-consider’s’ (so much less intimidating!). When you’re done, ponder how you might turn deep thoughts into soul-liberating transformation.

Inspired by the aptly named Rav Kook, this prompt from Rabbi Jordan Braunig places value on the very act of thinking and ties it to the potential for transformation. I have had a lot of time to think these past two weeks, and it has, I must say, been blissful. (And with all the Aretha Franklin z’l video clips going around the internet since her death a few days ago, this prompt gives the clip from the Blues Brothers movie a little extra zing.)

So here are some things I might think about, considerations to consider.

  • Being a better partner to my husband: He has supported my every ambition and brings music, humor, and excellent cooking to our home on a regular basis. I think I will try to be nicer to him.
  • Being a better mother to our sons: They are pretty awesome. Sometimes I am grouchy. More often than you might think. I think I will try to be sweeter to them.
  • Calling my parents more frequently, but not so frequently as to get on their nerves.
  • Being more involved in the various communities in which I find myself: participating in chesed, volunteering to help organize things, being more of a leader.
  • Approaching my job search with a balance of passion and equanimity: passion in choosing what to try for, and equanimity in handling the inevitable rejection that is inherent in this process.
  • Keeping my heart open for insight and inspiration.

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