Come learn with me!

I’m teaching another course this fall through Hebrew College’s Open Circles Jewish Learning, and I’d love for you to join the group! We will meet on Sunday evenings in November and early December, from 7:30-9pm on zoom. Tuition is $135 for the series, and generous scholarship support is available.

Course details are below.

A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven: Ecclesiastes

This course begins with the passage in Ecclesiastes (3:1-8) that inspired the famous Pete Seeger song, “Turn, turn, turn,” and moves on to consider the emotional, spiritual, and psychological problems and resonances in the Book of Ecclesiastes as a whole. We will study that famous passage and others, slowly and deliberately, in multiple English translations, and relate what we find in the sacred text to our own lives. This is a course for deep thinkers, seekers of meaning, and people who like to consider profound questions from multiple angles. Studying Ecclesiastes offers us the strength and wisdom that comes with taking “the long view” of human affairs. Join us for meaningful study, reflection, and conversation!

Click here to register.

2 thoughts on “Come learn with me!

  1. jklein728 says:

    Hi Naomi, I will be there, but the registration link doesn’t seem to be live yet. I can wait to register, but could you please send me the exact dates so I can reserve them in the calendar. Also, loved your blog post today on pausing, what a wonderful way to think about so many things, including the upcoming holidays. Thank you.



    • Hi Jonathan,
      So glad you are joining the class! I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the registration link. It worked for me, when I tested it, so perhaps trying again will do the trick. (My standard approach when something doesn’t work with my tech.)

      In any case the dates are November 7, 14, 21, 28 and December 5 from 7:30 to 9pm.

      If you still have trouble with the registration link, please let me know and I’ll noodge the office tomorrow. They are great at what they do and will surely be able to help.


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